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La Ciudad Celeste and Other Important Choral Works by Juan Orrego-Salas
La Ciudad Celeste and Other Important Choral Works by Juan Orrego-Salas
Our Price: $12.00

This collection includes premiere recordings of the choral works of composer Juan Orrego-Salas, founder and first director of Indiana University's Latin American Music Center. Born in Chile in 1919, Juan Orrego-Salas studied with Domingo Santa Cruz, Randall Thompson and Aaron Copland, becoming one of the most important Latin American composers of the 20th-century. The disc includes the world-premiere of his cantata La Ciudad Celeste for baritone, chorus and orchestra, conducted by Carmen Helena Téllez, and featuring baritone Benjamn Eley. Based on texts from Revelation, it was commissioned to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Evangelization of America in 1992, and is distinguished by its dazzling colors and declamatory verve. Another important work in the collection is the Cánticos Sagrados for chorus and instrumental ensemble, conducted by Jan Harrington, a great example of Orrego-Salas's devotional lyricism. The virtuosic Madrigales for chorus a cappella showcase Orrego-Salas unique brand of modernism, in contrast to the lovely set of early works in neoclassical style based on Spanish Golden-Age poems. The CD features the Indiana University Singers, Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra.
Twenthieth-Century Mexican Music for Viola
Twenthieth-Century Mexican Music for Viola
Our Price: $12.00

The works included in this CD, as indicated by the title on one of them, are "traveling journal" through the multiplicity of musical styles and languages that co-existed in Mexico during the twentieth century. Through this journey in sound, the viola and its sonority tell us of "places " and "encounters" which are surprisingly different but also subtly complementary. The world of harmonics with an etjereal plasticity that is both medieval and neo-impressionist occurs in Cuaderno de viaje by Mario Lavista, while a more traditional narrative rhetoric is manifest in Cancion en el puerto by Joaquin Guin Gutierrez-Heras.
Paisaje Urbano
Paisaje Urbano
Our Price: $12.00

Paisaje Urbano sings the landscape of Latin American cities and their music genres. The journey starts in Buenos Aires, with Piazzolla's fiery Libertango, and ends in Rio de Janeiro with Jobim's cool bossa nova tune Agua de beber. Paisaje Urbano was conceived by ensemble El Taller as an adventurous synthesis of both traditional and urban Latin styles with the techniques of jazz and modern classical music. El Taller is the advanced workshop and performing group of the Latin American Popluar Music Ensemble.
Romance: A Collection of Latin Love Songs
Romance: A Collection of Latin Love Songs
Our Price: $12.00

Featuring Grammy-award winning vocalist Sylvia McNair, and the stellar performances of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music jazz faculty Tom Walsh, Jeremy Allen and Luke Gillespie, ROMANCE takes us through the soulful and intoxicating experience of Latin American love songs.

Eco de Violin: A Collection of New Latin American Music
Eco de Violin: A Collection of New Latin American Music
Our Price: $12.00

A Collection of New Latin American Music for Violin with Piano and Electronics

This CD features some of the most exciting music for violin and piano written in the last ten years by living composers from Latin America now active in the USA. They have all gained attention for the fascinating mix of musical streams that inform their music.
Mario Lavista: Missa Brevis & Stabat Mater/James MacMillan: Sun-Dogs
Mario Lavista: Missa Brevis & Stabat Mater/James MacMillan: Sun-Dogs
Our Price: $12.00

Mario Lavista’s “Missa Brevis” and “Stabat Mater”; James MacMillan’s “Sun-Dogs”

Produced in 2012, the IUMusic/LAMC CD includes “Missa Brevis” and “Stabat Mater by distinguished Mexican composer Mario Lavista and “Sun-Dogs” by the preeminent Scottish composer James MacMillan. All three works were performed, premiered, and recorded by the IU Jacobs School of Music’s Contemporary Vocal Ensemble under the direction of music director Carmen-Helena Téllez.

The idea for Mario Lavista’s Missa Brevis ad Consolationis Dominam Nostram (1994-95) originated during a casual conversation between the composer and the conductor at the Seventh Latin American Music Festival of Caracas in 1993, as the composer described his practice of composing in close collaboration with performers. Carmen-Helena Téllez offered Lavista an opportunity to work with the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble and the Missa was premiered at Indiana University, Bloomington, on April 11, 1995. Funding support for this project was from the U.S.-Mexico Fund for Culture, a collaboration between the Mexican Government and the Rockefeller Foundation to generate bi-national art works.

Lavista’s Stabat Mater is a funeral ode to a friend, joining a collection of several other memorial works in the composer’s output, including Lamento a la muerte de Raul Lavista, 1981; Responsorio in memoriam Rodolfo Halffter, 1988; Lacrymosa (To the Memory of Gerhart Muench), 1994; and Lamento (To the Memory of my Grandmother), 1996. The work was commissioned by the Spanish cello ensemble Conjunto Ibérico, directed by Elías Arizcuren, who premièred it in Europe in 2005 in collaboration with Cappella Amsterdam under conductor Daniel Reuss. The American première took place at the Art Institute of Chicago’s Fullerton Hall, with the Contemporary Vocal Ensemble under Carmen-Helena Téllez in February 2010.

In spite of the religious impetus that informs most of MacMillan’s other choral works, Sun-Dogs is non-liturgical. Instead, the text is an allegory of the origin and charisma of the religious brotherhood founded by St. Dominic, the Order of the Preachers, to which MacMillan belongs as a Tertiary. The work was commissioned by a consortium including the IU Contemporary Vocal Ensemble, the Three Choirs Festival (United Kingdom), ZaterdagMatinee (Netherlands), and Soundstreams (Canada). The Contemporary Vocal Ensemble premiered the work on August 6, 2006, during a festival dedicated to the relationship of text and music attended by the composer.


1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Credo
4. Sanctus
5. Agnus Dei
6. Mario Lavista, Stabat Mater for chorus and cello ensemble
7. First Saw Them
8. Domini canes
9. I Saw Them Leading
10. Sometimes, Like Tobias
11. If You Turn Down the Offerings

Danza del Parque de las Acacias
Danza del Parque de las Acacias
Our Price: $12.00


  1. Nazarethiana, Op. 2
  2. Preludio em Fa# menor, Op. 32
  3. V. Frevo, from Ciclo nordestino No. 4 Op. 43
  4. Preludio (Cantilena)
  5. Fuga
  6. Danza del Parque de las Acacias
  7. Moderato
  8. Allegro
  9. Allegro
  10. Allegretto
  11. Lento
  12. Allegro gracioso
  13. Alnitah
  14. Alnilam
  15. Mintika
  16. Sonatina
  17. Preludio 1
  18. Preludio 2
  19. Preludio 3
  20. Energico
  21. Largo e Pesante
  22. Impetuoso
  23. Preludio
Nubes Bajas
Nubes Bajas
Our Price: $12.00


  1. Omaramor
  2. Allegro
  3. Scherzo
  4. Lento
  5. Allegro
  6. Harawi
  7. Wayno karnavalito
  8. Gitane
  9. Tombeau pour l'Amazonie
  10. Gavotte
  11. Birimbao - Jazuar
Minha Terra
Minha Terra
Our Price: $12.00

1. Minha Terra

2. From Lenda amazonica No. 2

3. Senhora Dona Sancha

4. Boi-Bumba

5. Cantares

6. Singela Cancao de Marja

7. Adoracao

8. From Tres Cancoes e uma Toada

9. From Cinco Cancoes

10. Cantiga

11. Toadiha

12. Mazombo

13. Toada Bare

14. Quando uma Flor Desabrocha

15. Dengues da Mulata Desinteressada

16. A Lenda da gralha Azu

17. I. Guerreiro Valente

18. II. Coco Embolado

19. III. Nau Catarineta

20. IV. Baiana

21. V. Boi Pintado
Cielo rojo
Cielo rojo
Our Price: $12.00

1. Jarabe nacional

2. Preludio

3. Sismo

4. Solidaridad

5. ?Y...?

6. Danzas de alebrijes

7. Tour de vals

8. Harptrolysis

9. Sylvia

10. Danzon No. 2
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